Writing Projects

A few things I've worked on - released and unreleased material. 

My Songs Cut on Humming House Record, "Revelries!"

I met Justin Wade Tam while in Nashville years ago.  We are known to write a song in a couple of hours and two of them (I Am A Bird, Nuts, Bolts & Screws) were recorded and released on his album "Revelries." (Click the photo to check it out)

My Songs Cut on American Idol Alumnus, Didi Benami's "Reverie"

One of the amazing songwriters and producers I've had a chance to collaborate with is Los Angeles-based, Billy Mohler.  Not only is he a talented musician in the business but he's a stand-up guy with an adorable family.  He and I got together and wrote "Trouble" in a couple hours.  It was like working with Jackson Pollock - throwing things at the wall!  Years later an up and coming artist who had been on American Idol heard and loved the track.  Her name is Didi Benami, and she cut "Trouble" on her 2014 entitled "Reverie."  She and I wrote another song on her album called, "Picture Perfect," about her experience on the reality TV show that also made it to the album.  Click on the photo to check it out!