Music Mentoring

I have worked with kids my whole life and have a passion to see them develop into their potential when it comes to the music inside of them. I was an older sister to three little sisters, 10 to 15 years younger than me, so being a big sister comes naturally. A lot of times I actually find I have more common with kids than adults. They say what they think and have a spark in their eye about their dreams. Kids are open to all the possibilities and ideas because they are open-hearted, and it's this quality that I love to capitalize in them before they grow up.

Born out of the necessity to intuit music rather than take lessons, I developed my own teaching method when it comes to writing songs with kids. As a young child, music was very much inside of me but I didn't have a mentor. A mentor is someone who can see potential in someone, and encourage even more growth. A great mentor will encourage their students to shine even brighter than before, to believe in themselves and to learn about life along the way. This is where I come in. I have an innate ability to see potential and encourage the natural musical gifts inside kids. I intuitively use the tool of songwriting to mentor young artists of all ages, guiding and directing on elements such as guitar, singing, performing, lyric writing, and even offer personal tips on how to pursue the music business based on one's gifts and readiness.

Years ago I took this passion of mine and offered kids music classes in the park to my friends with children, which later turned into an after school program. During this time period I was able to truly see how what I have to offer as an artist and individual, was truly important to pass on to the younger generation. I now offer one-on-one mentorship sessions and packages on zoom (or in person for those who are currently in Los Angeles). I'm here to help guide kids into the direction of who they really are as an artistic human being. Ready to go on the journey together? 

P.S. You don't have to be an actual kid for this program. I work with open-hearted adults as well.  ;)

One-ON-One Sessions