Jamie Drake is a versatile songwriter and artist with several studio albums and notable music projects who remains true to her indie-folk roots as the basis for her writing and performing.  Based in Los Angeles, she currently enjoys co-producing her sophomore album, "Make A Spark," and singing in her Americana trio, The Lemon Trees, with Leslie Stevens and Kathleen Grace.  She was recently cast in the critically acclaimed off Broadway musical, "Lonesome Traveler," as folk heroes Judy Collins and Joan Baez, and has collaborated with Tim Robbins, Moby, and Peter Yarrow to name a few.  See full bio here.

Jamie featured in Rufus Wainwright's music video, "A Woman's Face," directed by Alex Chaloff

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Jamie Drake Sophomore Album, "Make A Spark," in Production

Since I've been in New York, I've been inspired in an unimaginable amount of ways.  If I tried to list them all, I would be here typing for far too long but I'll try to encapsulate my heart's thoughts.  My life has been changed in such a way that I am compelled to make my next album one that will reflect back to myself and to others the beauty of being honest, raw and authentic.  
(Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn)

(Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn)

I've written a little nest full of new material while I've been here, the main song entitled, "Make A Spark," which will be the center piece for this next venture.  I've been so inspired to not only be authentic as an artist with my work, but to let that carry on into my life as well.  Being on stage - acting or singing - has always felt more comfortable to me than actually *just being* in my daily life...  I want to create a work that is a reflection of who I am, the struggle with being human, and the hope to continue to become who I am on a daily basis.  My desire is that my music will be a catalyst for healing, peace with one's self and change.  

Preview of New Songs Included on Make A Spark

Dear Lemon Trees Jam In The Van session

Dear Lemon Trees are an Americana trio based in Los Angeles who became a band by accident in the late spring of 2015.  When long time admirers and songwriting friends (Kathleen Grace, Leslie Stevens and Jamie Drake) began arranging a song for a friend's wedding, they decided to put a show together, and have been playing since.  See more of what they are doing here - www.dearlemontrees.com

The Pendleton Sisters

Jamie and Justine Bennett have been friends and collaborators for years. After years of pursuing and playing many solo shows, the two have joined forces as The Pendleton Sisters, playing and harmonizing on each other's songs as well as sharing originals. The two exclusively play house concerts and private events. Message for details.

Jamie stars in off-Broadway show, "Lonesome Traveler!"

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(Sylvie Davidson, Justin Flagg, Jamie Drake)

(Sylvie Davidson, Justin Flagg, Jamie Drake)

New York Times Excerpt

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I had a magical experience living out a dream of mine getting to be in a musical theater production in NYC at the beautiful 59e59 Theaters.  I played Sis Cunningham from The Almanacs, Judy Collins and Joan Baez, and The New York Times wrote that I "quietly claimed the show's best moment" when I sang "Turn, Turn, Turn," which, I basically felt like I could die after hearing.  My history with musical theater and being a singer-songwriter made for a perfect blend for this opportunity, which I am eternally grateful for.  Besides living out a childhood dream and making a new family of lovely friends, I got the chance to meet Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary.  He visited the show and fell in love with the story and the cast.  He later came back to see the show again and sang with us and it was like a dream.  Peter is one of the truest humans I have ever had the joy of meeting.  He is a passionate doer with authenticity that exhorts and pierces your soul.  He encouraged us to be authentic in everything we do - in our lives and in our art - and I am on the road to do so with the release of my next album, Make A Spark.  Here are two new upcoming releases I recently played live - "To My Love" and "Wonder."  Stay tuned for it's arrival!

The Odd Way Home

I was fortunate to be a part of the indie film co-written and directed by Rajeev Nirmalakhandan, starring Rumor Willis and Chris Marquette.  Daniel Chan composed the music for this film, and brought me on to interpret a song that he wrote for it.  The scene is below:

Jamie plays Folkadelphia with Cast of LT

(Sylvie Davidson, Jamie Drake)

We were invited to record some songs from the show for Folkadelphia.  Click the photo above for the link to where you can listen to my "10,000 Miles," Nick's "Deportee," Sylvie and Matty's "Someday Soon," and "Trevor, Nick and Matty's "Do, Re, Mi."

(Sylvie Davidson, Jamie Drake)

We were invited to record some songs from the show for Folkadelphia. Click the photo above for the link to where you can listen to my "10,000 Miles," Nick's "Deportee," Sylvie and Matty's "Someday Soon," and "Trevor, Nick and Matty's "Do, Re, Mi."


Over the past couple of years, I've been working and developing a new project with AJ Minette called "Nobel."  The music is a blend of my folk writing and vocals mixed with AJ's classical approach to music and writing.  It's a beautiful project I'm proud to share with you and I hope you will pick up a copy for yourself.  Thanks for your support!  
Guitar virtuoso, AJ Minette (The Human Abstract), changes directions with his new band, Nobel.  In 2012 he met LA singer songwriter, Jamie Drake, who had just finished touring with Tim Robbins, and was also ready for something new.  The duo decided to not sign to a label and instead record and produce their debut record on their own.  The album was recorded in two locations; one being the band's home studio - the other being the acclaimed Murphy Recital Hall at Loyola Marymount University, the institution at which Minette holds a position as a professor of classical music.Fiona Apple and Ringo Starr collaborator, Dave Way, heard the songs and asked if he could help - ultimately resulting in him mixing all the tracks.  Jake Jamieson, live drummer and for Rhye, Lissie, & Moses Sumney, played drums and percussion, while competition-winning, classical string players Yoshika Masuda and Luanne Homzy performed the principal string parts. 
Nic Hartcourt has recently begun spinning the record on the radio as the band is developing a live performance that integrates visuals and lighting.  Drake's VMA winning background - which had her working closely with award-winning Director, Shane Drake - will lend a hand in curating the process. They will be supporting Rachel Yamagata and The Honey Trees at the end of the month.

Nobel Videos

Burning Branches, "Riding On" Hand-picked for Bonner Paddock's "One More Step" Book Trailer!

One of my projects, "Burning Branches" (see songwriting page for more details and music) had the honor of having our song, "Riding On," placed in this meaningful book trailer for Bonner Paddock's brand new book, "One More Step."  The book is about his struggle and triumph with being the first man with cerebral palsy to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  You can find a copy of the book HERE.

Jamie Drake "Falling Down" video by Sarah Pigion

My EDM single, "Falling Down" was released on Armada Music.  All of this is ironic since I am a folk artist.  However, the genre is surprisingly enjoyable to write and sing for.  They asked me to do an acoustic version of the song and make a video for it to use to promote the track and so I set out to do that.  This production was made possible by the talents of Sarah Pigion (http://www.sarahpigion.com) and AJ Minette's capturing of the recording. 

Jamie's Release on Armada Music!

I began writing in the EDM genre about a year ago, and came up with this top line I really liked.  One crazy thing led to another, and here I am with my first label release on a huge EDM label in The Netherlands.  I never would have imagined that my folk-singing and songwriting would lead to this; life is good!  Here are the buy links for "Falling Down":  
Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/FallingDown_iT
Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/FallingDown_SP
Grab your copy on Beatport: http://bit.ly/FallingDown_BP
"You have to believe in yourself in an almost crazy way.  You have to be bold enough to make something from nothing over and over again.  
And you have to be delusional enough to think that your ideas are valuable..."